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roseoftheoakmoonsims replied to your photoset “Wrath moved towards the intruders, popping her knuckles. “Did you and…”

Wrath and Discord fighting. Oh crap.

roseoftheoakmoonsims replied to your photo

XD! Are the girls pulling one another’s hair?

Yep! This whole scene cracked me up.

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Aug 20th / 3 notes

Wrath moved towards the intruders, popping her knuckles. “Did you and this heifer come for another beating, Ramon?”

A vein appeared on Eris’s forehead. "Heifer?! You cow!" she whipped her hand across Wrath’s face. "How dare you speak to a Matriarch that way? I am the real Lady of Penumbra and you’ve done a poor job at trying to take my place!" 

Wrath rubbed her stinging cheek. “‘Real Lady’…I don’t care who you are! You’re not going to slap me and get away with it!” She lunged forward, grabbing Eris by her neck. 

At the same time, John swung at Bastille and the front porch became a fighting ring.

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Aug 20th / 13 notes

Donovan ran up to his mother, squeezing her waist. 

Wrath grunted, prying the boy off of her. "Nice to see you too, kid. Now where the heck have you been?" 

He pointed behind her. “Hanging out with my uncle.” 

John narrowed his eyes. "You don’t have an uncle." He followed Wrath’s gaze behind her and spotted a strange woman and a man with black hair and green eyes walking towards their front porch. "Who are those people?" 

"John, it’s Bastille. He’s disguised himself and he’s not alone." 

John balled his fists. "Son. Get in the house. Now." 

Donovan disappeared into the house as Bastille and Eris reached the last wooden step. 

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Aug 20th / 12 notes

"He’s technically not your son either."

Bastille’s growl grew louder. 

Eris pouted her lips at him. "Aw, did that hurt? You have to face it. The kid’s father is human and your influence is merely a stain on his body. Now, where is this Wrath? I have a score with her." 

"Clinging to her human as always…" 

"Ugh! What does she see in that flesh bag?!"

He shrugged. "I don’t know, but go get her if you must. I’m staying here with the boy."

Eris rolled her eyes. "You act as if she ripped your heart out and fed it to you. You can’t seriously be in love with her even after what she’s done to you."

He stayed quiet, but the look he gave her said everything.

"You are, aren’t you? That’s sad, Ramon."

He sighed. "It’s not like I can pursue it. She’s made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t feel the same. I don’t know why I bothered with that agreement."

Eris’s lip curled. "That agreement was made in MY world without MY permission and you will pay for that. You will also get over that farce of a crush you have on her starting today. Come on. We’re taking the brat home."

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Aug 20th / 28 notes

"So you’re responsible for the boy’s condition?" Eris heard every word of what went on while she was gone, but the fact that Bastille was able to change the child so drastically fascinated her. 

Bastille nodded. "He would have been born completely Human otherwise." His hand clenched around his knee. "Why did I do it?" 

"I don’t know, Ramon," she mocked. "What possessed you to sleep with that beastly woman? Twice while she was already pregnant!" 

He recoiled at the boom of her voice. 

"The fact that you were able to convert that child is the only amazing thing about the train wreck I missed." 

A soft growl rumbled in his chest. "My son is not a train-wreck."

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Aug 20th / 16 notes

Bastille jumped up from the bench, whirled around to face the female, and bowed. "Lady Catastrophe…" 

The female narrowed her eyes. "Call me Eris. You know I hate that ‘Lady Catastrophe’ crap, Ramon." 

"What are you doing in the human world?" Bastille couldn’t believe he was actually trembling at this female’s presence. He would have been mortified if it wasn’t justified. 

Eris Konton, “Lady Catastrophe”, was what his people called a “Matriarch”; stronger than “Elites” like him and Wrath and able to Rip them apart like paper. 

"Penumbra is a circus right now and I was looking for my Ring Leader. Now here’s a better question. Did I hear you right? You have a son?" 

Bastille looked down, hearing Donovan giggling behind him. "Half-son…" 

Eris’s brows jumped up and she sat down on the bench, crossing her legs. "Oh I have to hear this…"

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Aug 20th / 15 notes

Bastille sat under the tree canopy, watching Donovan play in the sand. It was a good thing they usually came around when no one else did. If a child were to pick on the boy with him around, they would have been miserable for a few days. As he cooled himself in the shade, a female voice disturbed his peace.

"Bastille! Sir, there’s a catastrophe in Penumbra! We need you back here!"

Bastille growled. Another Lesser, he thought. It was not uncommon for some of his minions to come to the Human world and beg him to come back. His answer was always the same: "I’m not going. I have obligations here."

"But, sir. Penumbra is in danger!"

"I’m watching over my son. Now beat it!"

The female’s voice instantly changed to a more dominant tone. "So that’s it…"

Cold fear welled up beneath his skin as he realized just who he was talking to.

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Aug 20th / 17 notes

Bastille picked up on some Human habits the longer he stayed among them. When it came to brushing his teeth, however, he mainly did it because he liked how the minty toothpaste felt on his tongue.

He crawled into bed and flipped his pillow over so the cool fabric against his face lulled him to sleep.

Every night, he was taunted by the same dream; Lady Wrath standing over his body and mocking him. It was a wonder he could get a full night’s sleep.

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Aug 20th / 14 notes

As soon as Bastille walked in, he tossed his keys on the table. His eyes shifted to the painting hanging above it.

Yeah, he thought. Maybe a little fishing wouldn’t be so bad…

He plopped down on the couch and turned on the tv. Over two hundred channels and not one of them had something good on. He growled and tossed the remote on the coffee table.

“My bed is more entertaining right now.”

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Aug 20th / 14 notes